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We create solutions for sustainable development of autonomous communities worldwide. Bringing the cutting edge techniques from biotech, IT and robotics we expand the access to comfy, healthy and prosperous life in harmony with nature.

Our Solutions

for sustainable life deployment

Underground shelters


The  proprietary architecture design allows to use all-weather underground modular facilities with temperature volatility as low as 0.1°C per day. The modules could be installed under the common roads and withstand a vertical load of 300 tons.

Automated life support


The automated workflow and protocol compliance system allows to achieve energy consumption of one scion per month as low as 50 Watts.

Robotic solutions


Robotic solution to improve micropropagation worflow allows to operate as many as 250 thousand explants per month with only one laminar flow.

Robotic scalability

The TRL4 prototype of the proprietary robot for micropropagation

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better."

― Albert Einstein

Our experience in asexual reproduction

Micropropagation is a method of plant propagation using extremely small pieces of plant tissue taken from a carefully chosen and prepared mother plant, and growing these under laboratory conditions to produce new plants. It is widely used in commercial horticulture, however it should be performed with scientific rigor. That's why an automated protocol is a game changing solution.

Blackberry Triple Crown


A unique flavor that has garnered rave reviews! This productive plant yields berries that offer a tasty blend of sweetness and tartness. The fruit is borne uniformly, so it is easy to pick. Thornless semi-erect canes may need support under heavy fruit load. Summer-bearing floricane. Late season. Heat-tolerant. Ripens in early August. Self-pollinating.

Peony Lois Choice


Paeonia herbaceous hybrid "Lois' Choice". An exceptional beauty, which has little comparison. This early flowering beauty has strong stems which are clad in broad-leaved olive-green foliage. A cross obtained by Chris Laning of rare delicacy and named Lois’ Choice by his wife. It is definitely a winner and already won the American Peony Society Gold Medal.  .

Raspberry Hussar


The main features are unpretentious to the weather, resistance to a wide range of temperatures and minimum requirements for care. The bushes are well tolerated cold weather, up to -25 degrees, without hibernation winter with a small snow cover.

Polish-Ukraine Startup Bridge Award 2022

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